Hip Problems + Treatments

Ligamentum Teres Tear

A Ligamentum Teres Tear or rupture can lead to severe pain. This ligament connects the ball of the hip joint (femoral head) to the hip socket (acetabulum). Injuries to the ligamentum teres include complete tears, partial tears, and degenerative fraying. You may feel pain or a clicking sensation in your hip after a twisting injury, dislocation or subluxation of the joint from major trauma, fall from a height, injury from contact or collision sports, and even chronic inflammatory conditions. Your doctor will evaluate you, and help make this diagnosis.

Treatment of Ligamentum Teres Tear

An exciting treatment option available for this condition is called an arthroscopic debridement. This technique is performed by a highly skilled arthroscopic orthopedic surgeon through 2 or 3 small portals (1cm in length incisions) made in your skin. This procedure uses specialized equipment to view, trim and remove damaged fragments of your ligament causing impingement and pain. Once the damaged ligament is treated the pain typically goes away.

Photos of Ligamentum Teres Tear