Management Options of Lateral Ankle Instability – NDOS Annual Symposium

Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Brown, and Dr. Dominic Carreira at the NDOS annual symposium where Dr. Carreira presented Management Options for Lateral Ankle Instability.

In October 2023, Dominic S. Carreira, MD, returned to his alma mater to deliver a presentation entitled “Management Options of Lateral Ankle Instability”. A graduate of the Class of ’95, Dr. Carreira was invited back to the home of the Fighting Irish to speak at the 27th Annual Notre Dame Orthopaedic Symposium.

Management Options of Lateral Ankle Instability

As an invited presenter, Dr. Carreira spoke to a room of orthopedic surgeons and medical professionals working in orthopedics. Drawing on his decades of experience and medical expertise, Dominic shared the following key points relating to managing lateral ankle instability.

    • Highlighting that injuries to the lateral ligaments of the ankle are some of the most common musculoskeletal injuries, especially in athletes.
    • A review of non-operative treatments which referenced the international clinical practice guidelines on lateral ankle ligament sprains that Dr. Carreira co-authored in 2021.
    • A discussion of treatments including immobilization, physical therapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and prophylactic bracing.
    • A comprehensive review of all surgical treatments.
    • Identification of modern techniques such as the all arthroscopic Brostrom, allograft reconstruction, and suture augmentation with suture tape as preferable, depending on the injury.

More About Notre Dame Orthopaedic Society (NDOS)

The Notre Dame Orthopedic Society is a national organization consisting of Notre Dame Alumni engaged in clinical practice and research within orthopedics. Since its inception in 1995, the Notre Dame Orthopaedic Society has provided education to Notre Dame Alumni who specialize in orthopedic surgery. The Society strives to improve patient care by furthering the science of orthopedics.

More about Dominic S. Carreira

A board-certified orthopedic surgeon and arthroscopy specialist focused on injuries to the foot and ankle, young adult and adolescent hip preservation, and sports medicine, Dr. Carreira is deeply engaged in ongoing medical research into procedures geared to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients. Dr. Carreira the co-founder of both the MASH Study Group and the MASTAF Study Group. Those two groups are separate collectives of research-minded surgeons and specialists with a strong interest in and focus on medical research. The MASH Study Group is focused on hip injuries and treatments, while the MASTAF Study Group focuses on foot and ankle injuries.

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