MASTAF Study Group

MASTAF Study GroupThe MASTAF Study Group (Multicenter Arthroscopy Study of the Ankle and Foot) is looking to find answers to difficult questions related to the surgical treatment of patients with ankle and foot injuries. Our group studies a number of different diagnoses that may be treated via arthroscopy, including osteochondral defects, ankle instability, impingement, and fractures. Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that first became popular in the knee and shoulder.

Focused Studies of the Foot and Ankle

A variety of studies will be conducted within this MASTAF project, as hundreds of data points are being collected.

The ability to bring data together from multiple centers empowers our study group to make conclusions that a single surgeon experience could not produce.

Osteochondral defects of the talus are among the most common diagnosis for which ankle arthroscopy is performed. The MASTAF Study Group is looking to define these injuries further and investigate the outcomes related to the different forms of ankle and foot injury. We are also looking at the “environment” in which these osteochondral defects occur.

Ankle impingement is another very common diagnosis for which arthroscopy is performed, especially in the athletic population. The MASTAF Study Group is looking to define both anterior and posterior ankle impingement and investigate the outcomes related to the different forms of the ankle and foot injury.

Further Details

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