Foot Problems & Treatments

Dr. Carreira treats foot problems and injuries

A specialist in injuries and damage to the hip, ankle, and foot, Dr. Dominic Carreira welcomes patients from the age of adolescence to the elderly.

The foot includes a number of joints, tendons, ligaments, and bones that have a complex interrelationship. Although there are hundreds of diagnoses, there are several common diagnoses that make up the majority of painful injuries or diseases. Attempts to treat these painful conditions with non-operative treatments are commonly performed first.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Foot Problems

The response to nonoperative treatment varies considerably across diagnoses. If nonoperative treatments, which may include medications, activity modification, and physical therapy, fail and do not provide significant pain relief and improved function, surgery may be a treatment option. Dr. Carreira will inform you of the diagnosis and advise you related to the options in terms of treatment, collaborating with you to make the best treatment decision. Treatments that are commonly recommended include immobilization such as a boot (CAM walker), injections, and anti-inflammatory medications (e.g., NSAIDS).

Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment of Foot Problems

With injuries or issues that are not suitable for nonoperative treatments, minimally invasive surgical options will be reviewed discussed when appropriate. Dr. Carreira is an arthroscopic specialist with extensive training and experience who is highly skilled and passionate about minimally invasive surgical forms of medical treatment.

Below is a list of the more common foot surgical procedures for which Dr. Carreira is known as a leading specialist. (Please note that this list is not meant to include all the procedures which Dr. Carreira performs for his patients.)

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Foot Fracture

The following is a partial list of foot problems that Dr. Carreira treats.

Foot Pain

The following is a partial list of foot problems that Dr. Carreira treats.

Toe Pain

The following is a partial list of foot problems that Dr. Carreira treats.