Foot + Ankle Exam

Foot and Ankle Exam Video

A leading foot and ankle surgeon based in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Dominic Carreira has prepared and shared a short video demonstrating a detailed foot and ankle exam.

(This video is part of Dr. Carreira’s commitment to patient education. For more educational materials about foot and ankle injuries, and hip injuries, by Dr. Dominic Carreira, please visit the Patient Education section of Dr. Carreira’s site and the Foot + Ankle Education section.)

Examination of the Foot and Ankle

The foot and ankle exam is important in the diagnosis of a variety of foot and ankle problems that cause pain and limited function. In comparison to the hip, the foot and ankle have a number of structures that are superficial and can be palpated or directly touched to assess for pain.

Although imaging studies such as X-ray or MRI’a are oftentimes helpful, the physical examination may be all that is needed to make an accurate diagnosis.  The physical examination also may add to the overall assessment and increase the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis is made, treatments may be recommended for the injury to help decrease or eliminate pain and improve function. A number of injuries can only be made with the physical examination and are not identifiable on routine imaging studies, such as snapping tendons.

Knowledge of the specific anatomy of the foot and ankle is important in determining which structures are damaged when they are palpated.

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