Telemedicine and Second Opinions

Dr. Carreira is very pleased to provide telemedicine and remote services for both initial consults and second opinions related to your hip, and foot and ankle injury and pain. This can be completed in two ways:

  1. A telemedicine visit in which Dr Carreira can review your images and your areas of pain through a video setup. Video appointments are performed by Dr. Carreira himself.
  2. A complimentary review of your imaging studies, such as x-rays and MRI. Phone call follow-up is typically completed by a member of Dr. Carreira’s staff.
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What is telemedicine?

Dominic Carreira conducting a telemedicine consultation

Telemedicine, which is essentially a video-based medical consult, has expanded nationally in its role of providing medical care in recent years, especially since the COVID pandemic. Dr. Carreira provides a high level of care with evaluation and treatment recommendations oftentimes at a more convenient location, such as the comfort of your own home.

A lot of medical care can still be delivered effectively through a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Video visits are private and allow for a limited physical exam and review of imaging such as x-rays and MRI on a shared screen. Also, Dr. Carreira may refill medications, order tests, and arrange for follow-up.

How do we meet for telemedicine?

The video connection is most commonly made through a HIPAA compliant service such as Google Meet. Dr. Carreira’s staff will help to setup the video call and test the connection. Any pertinent information, such as x-rays, MRIs, previous surgical notes, surgical pictures, or other opinions should be provided ahead of time so that they are available for review during the call.

Decisions related to surgery are finalized with an in person visit when surgery in those cases when surgery is appropriate.

Insurance companies are generally covering these services and coverage will be determined at the time of making the appointment.

Complimentary Imaging Review

In order to provide either service, we ask that you send your imaging studies to our West Paces office:

Dr. Dominic Carreira
Peachtree Orthopedics
3200 Downwood Circle NW
Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30327

Please note that we do not return any of these studies on a routine basis.

Please include a brief description of your problem and a phone number at which we can reach you. Please specify if you are interested in a phone call followup or in a telemedicine/video call follow-up.

We ask that you please allow 3 – 15 days for review.