International Patients

Top Medical Treatment for International Patients

Dr. Carreira and his staff routinely provide medical advice to and perform surgeries on patients from long distances. Dr. Carreira treats patients who are long-distance travelers and international patients.

As a leading surgeon and researcher, Dr. Carreira has treated patients from all of the following countries: Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, British Virgin Islands, Dominic Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Bermuda, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico and Canada. He welcomes patients from all corners of the globe.

As a leading hip, foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Carreira has presented his work at both national and international medical conferences, presenting in both English and in Spanish.

Dr. Carreira’s offices in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding communities.

Dr. Carreira and his staff are more than happy to assist you with travel and housing arrangements, whether you are travel from the far side of Georgia or the far side of the Caribbean Sea. Please contact us ahead of time via our appointment request form, so that we can assist with the coordination of your visit.

Local Accommodation

There are many hotel options near Northside Hospital and Peachtree Orthopedics Surgery Center. Many of the hotels offer Northside Hospital discount rates. (Please ask for the Northside rate when booking).

We recommend that you ask for a handicap accessible room at the time that you book your hotel.

Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina
4000 Summit Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30319
(678) 539-1234
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Additional accommodation options are listed on the Northside Hospital website:

Interpretive Services

If there is a need for interpretive services (translation), we will arrange this for you. For those of you who speak Spanish only, Dr. Carreira and his staff are very fluent (native and native fluency.) Dr. Carreira was raised in a bilingual Spanish-speaking home. We have interpreter services available for most other languages, including French.