Post Anesthesia Discharge Instructions

The medicine use for anesthesia/sedation will be acting in your body for the next twenty four (24) hours, so you might feel a little sleepy. This feeling will slowly wear off. Since the medicine will still be in your system for the next twenty four (24) hours the adult patient should not: Drive a car, operate machinery or power tools; drink any alcoholic beverages (not even beer); sign any legal documents.


  • We strongly suggest that a responsible adult be with you for the rest of the day and also during the night for your protection and safety.
  • You may have some pain or discomfort following this procedure. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication for you. This should be taken as directed, and if it does not improve the pain, contact your doctor. If the doctor does not prescribe pain medication, take the non prescription pain medication you normally use.
  • After anesthesia, it is better to start with a light diet such as liquids (soft drinks, tea, jello or broth), then soup and crackers, and gradually work up to solid foods. Please remember that it is very important for you to drink liquids during the next twenty four (24) hours.
  • If unable to urinate within twelve (12) hours of your surgery, please contact your physician.
  • You are not expected to have any fever. If you do feel warm, take your temperature. If the temperature is 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38.3 degrees Centigrade) or higher, call your physician.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, call your physician.
  • Please call the office 404-425-1232 for a return appointment. Dr. Carreira will specify on the day of discharge from the hospital the approximate date of your first follow-up appointment.