A Hip Patient Testimonial from a Leading Physical Therapist

From time to time, Dr. Dominic Carreira receives testimonials and words of thanks from grateful patients. The following note was shared with Dr. Carreira by one of Miami’s leading physical therapists, following Dr. Carreira’s arthroscopic surgical repair of the therapist’s labrum tear and CAM impingement.

A Note from a Physical Therapist and Patient

Bryan Graham, MPT

Bryan Graham, MPT

An Accident with Linger Effects

My name is Bryan Graham, MPT. I am 2 months post op left hip arthroscopy for the repair of a labrum tear and CAM impingement. Several years ago I was a competitive cyclist and runner until getting struck by a car from behind cycling. Based on the multiple severe abrasions my initial contact with the ground was on my left hip and leg. After the accident I went through approximately a year of therapy to return to cycling and running. However, I was never able to return to the level I was at prior. After the accident and for several years I managed chronic left sacroiliac pain.

Diagnosing the Full Injury

About 3 years ago I began feeling occasional sharp pains in my left hip. This was a bit concerning to me as I am a physical therapist and specialize in the treatment of non-arthritic hip injuries such as Femoralacetabular impingement and labrum tears and a member of the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy. However, I told myself there was no way I could have a tear. As I continued to run and train the left sacroiliac and hip pain increased to a point where it was getting tougher to ignore. However, I was still not ready to admit what I knew was the case until last April while I was out in Vail observing surgery with Dr. Marc Philippon. Dr. Philippon convinced me to have an x-ray. Based on the x-ray he recommended an MRI. Once home I had an MRI which of course confirmed what I already knew; I had a left hip labrum tear and CAM type impingement. Dr. Philippon indicated he would be happy to perform the surgery if I would like.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Me

Since 2005 I have treated hip patients for some of the top surgeons in the country including Dr. Marc Philippon, Dr. Marc Safran, Dr. Jon Hyman and Dr. Dominic Carreira. For the past several years I have been seeing patients with Dr. Carreira and working closely with him on improving post-operative care and rehabilitation. So once I had the information that I had a tear, I discussed my situation with Dr. Carreira. He quickly got me in for an assessment to review my MRI and x-rays and confirmed the results. Dr. Carreira expressed he would be happy to perform my surgery as well, however, wanted me to know that he understood I had other options. However, over the past 5 years I have seen well over a hundred post op hip labrum cases from Dr. Carreira and all of which were extremely pleased with their care from the initial visit to the final discharge. In addition, as a therapist and conducting the rehab for Dr. Carreira’s and other hip arthroscopist’s patients, I am able to see and hear first-hand how each of these patients progress from pre-op to discharge and what their overall outcomes are. So this made my decision quite easy. I told Dr. Carreira I would like to have him perform my surgery. From start to finish, Dr. Carreira and and his staff have been excellent.

It was a very eye opening process for me to go from the clinician to the patient. However, it was made easy by Dr. Carreira and his staff. Pre-operatively I received detailed information of the surgery and what I would need on the day of surgery and thereafter. Even though I have seen hundreds of labrum repair cases they still made sure I was comfortable and informed through the process. Dr. Carreira explained his plan for my surgery in detail before surgery.

Following Surgery

At my 3 week post op visit, he thoroughly reviewed the surgical photos and post op x-rays. At my 4 weeks post op, I had fully returned to treatment of my patients and no longer had to compensate to prevent left hip pain while treating.

At this point, I am 8 weeks post op and have progressed to jogging on our Alter G anti-gravity treadmill at 70% of my body weight without hip or sacroiliac pain. I feel like I am 10 years younger and repeatedly have people tell me I look happier and can see I am no longer in pain.

Recommending Dr. Carreira

I have patients with hip issues referred to me every week by other clinicians and in each case it is easy for me to recommend they pursue consultation with Dr. Carreira. I feel very confident in recommending him their surgical needs. I have been a physical therapist for 20 years now and Dr. Carreira ranks as one of the top surgeons I have had the pleasure to work with and one of the select few I feel confident enough to refer my patients to. I am very happy I chose to have him repair my hip.

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