Presenting on Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Ankle Stabilization Surgery

Dr. Dominic S. Carreira presented on minimally invasive arthroscopic ankle stabilization surgery at the AANA 2023 Annual Conference in New Orleans in May of this year.

In May 2023, Dr Dominic S. Carreira shared his knowledge and expertise on the topic of minimally invasive arthroscopic ankle stabilization surgery at a conference for leading arthroscopic surgeons in North America. Committed to ongoing medical research and education, Dr. Carreira delivered a presentation focused on the use of an arthroscopic surgical approach for treating ankle sprains. Dr. Carreira was invited to present by the Arthroscopy Association of North America at their annual conference, which was held in New Orleans this year.

Treating a Common Injury in a Minimally Invasive Way: Arthroscopy for Ankle Sprains and Ankle Instability

Ankle sprains and ankle instability are very common injuries, especially for those involved with sports and personal fitness. In fact, such injuries are one of the leading issues that Dr. Carreira sees in his clinical practice. In his presentation at the AANA Annual Conference, Dr. Carreira walked the audience – other leading arthroscopic surgeons from across the U.S.A. – through his technique for minimally invasive arthroscopic ankle stabilization surgery. He also explained in detail the numerous reasons for performing this all-arthroscopic approach. Moreover, Dr. Carreira highlighted the benefits of this approach, especially in comparison to open surgery.

About the Arthroscopy Association of North America

The Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) is an international professional organization of more than 5,000 orthopaedic surgeons and other medical professionals committed to advancing the field of minimally-invasive orthopaedic surgery to improve patient outcomes. More information about the AANA is online at

About Dr. Dominic S. Carreira

Dominic Carreira is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and arthroscopy specialist with advanced training from three orthopedic fellowship programs, specializes in foot and ankle, young adult and adolescent hip preservation, and sports medicine. Dr. Carreira practices medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, where he maintains a clinical practice treating patients for injuries to the hip, foot, and ankle.


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