Congratulations to Dr. Richard Steadman on His Retirement

Dr. Richard Steadman recently retired from his practice in Vail, Colorado. Dr. Steadman was a leader in orthopedics, and particularly in the areas of arthroscopy and the treatment of sports injuries.

Dr. Carreira is very grateful for the year that he spent under Dr. Steadman’s tutelage and the rest of the Steadman Clinic team, now over 10 years ago! (Dr. Carreira held a Sports Medicine Fellowship with the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Colorado, including hip arthroscopy training with Marc Philippon, M.D.)

The picture below is a tribute to Dr. Steadman and his mentorship. The picture shows Dr. Carreira (on the left), working with Dr. Steadman to repair a patient’s knee.

Dr Dominic Carreira and Dr Richard Steadman

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