Hip Arthroscopy Packet Translated to Spanish – Ahora Está Traducido al Español

Dr. Dominic Carreira is pleased to share that his Hip Arthroscopy Packet has been translated into Spanish and is now available for Spanish-speaking patients. Dr. Carreira’s Hip Arthoscropy Packet is a detailed document covering what patients can expect during their own hip arthroscopy procedures. It includes information about how to prepare for the procedure, what the procedure entails, and what to expect after the procedure, along with detailed guidance on how to properly recover from the procedure. Dr. Carreira shares it directly with patients when they visit any of his offices in West Paces, Alpharetta, or Cumming, Georgia.

Fluent in English and Spanish

Having grown up in suburban Chicago speaking English and Spanish at home, Dr. Carreira is fluent in both English and Spanish. In fact, he regularly presents at academic and medical conferences in both languages.

View the Hip Arthroscopy packet in Spanish.

Download a PDF of the Hip Arthroscopy packet in Spanish.

Speak to the Doctor in Your Language

Patients – including international patients – interested in a consultation with Dr. Carreira have always been able to speak with Dr. Carreira in whatever language they prefer. Dr. Carreira’s team can have a translator available for meetings and consultations.

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