Types of Treatment of Hip Labral (Labrum) Tears

There are 4 main treatment options for the treatment of hip labral tears. The best way to treat specific patterns of damage has not been fully clarified in publications on hip arthroscopy, but here I present some guidelines:

1. Debridement: This has been historically the main treatment for labral injury. This treatment is performed via hip arthroscopy and essentially consists of removing the damaged tissue with a shaver and/or with an electrocautery device. I perform this technique rarely, as preservation of this tissue when possible is beneficial.

2. Repair: This treatment also is performed via hip arthroscopy and consists of placing suture anchors in the bone and reattaching the labral tissue after it has been prepared. There is increasing evidence that this technique of repair is superior to debridement when possible.

3. Reconstruction: Also performed via hip arthroscopy, this technique may be performed when the labral tissue is too damaged or too small to be repaired. The technique consists of replacing the labrum with new tissue, and may be performed with autograft or allograft tissue.

4. Joint replacement: When the labral damage is associated with significant hip arthritis, the best treatment option is a hip replacement.

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