A Focus on Injury in Sport

The reason for creating this blog is because of the interest that I’ve noted from patients, friends and family who ask me about injured players. Most frequently, the interest is related to how it compares to their problem, or because they are big fans of a particular team , or they want to know more about the status of a fantasy football player.

I’ve been practicing for over 10 years, specifically in the areas of hip preservation and foot and ankle surgery and sports related injuries of the hip, foot and ankle. This blog will only cover injuries related to my areas of expertise. My experience comes from the treatment of players at all levels from high school to collegiate to professional in a variety of different sports.

An important disclosure related to this blog is that the information that is made public, that is found in newspapers and on the internet, may not be correct or may be incomplete. I have no firsthand knowledge of these players and their injuries and my discussion is based on public information.

When I treat professional players myself, their privacy is essential and required. My personal care of any athlete would never be made public in a blog such as this.

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