Dr. Carreira to Serve as a Surgical Instructor at ISHA Annual Meeting

A board-certified arthroscopy surgeon with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Dominic Carreira has again been asked to serve as a surgical instructor at the annual meeting of the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA). ISHA is the only medical society dedicated to hip arthroscopy and hip preservation surgery.

Surgical Instructor: Advanced Training for Experienced Surgeons

The ISHA training will cover the surgical management of diagnoses including labral repair, labrum reconstruction, micro fracture, and treatment of femoroacetubalar impingement, including both cam and pincer impingement. A main emphasis of the surgical instruction will include tips and tricks on avoiding complications.

This advanced surgical training will be hands-on, with immersive support. Each surgical instructor will be teaching and guiding only two surgeons, which will allow for plenty of oversight and attention for each attendee.

The training will include topics ranging from the central compartment of the hip joint, each lab station will review treatment of the labrum, techniques of cartilage treatment including debridement versus micro fracture, and treatment of the ligamentum teres. Dr. Carreira and his colleagues will present standard and optional portals in the review to approaches, with an emphasis on optimizing visualization and angles of approach, particularly for labral repairs and reconstructions.

The simulation with cadavers allows for practice with creation of appropriate hip distraction, access to the joint while minimizing damage to the articular cartilage and labrum, labrum takedown and rim resection, and step-by-step description of the micro fracture technique. For the peripheral compartment, the traction will be let down and the thigh is manipulated into different positions to demonstrate and allow access to the various parts of the femoral head and neck junction for treatment of femoroacetubular impingement (FAI).

An Invite to Practicing Surgeons

Surgeons who are interested in participating in this instruction may register through the ISHA annual meeting registration

About Dr. Carreira

Dominic S. Carreira, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the foot and ankle surgery and hop preservation. He is member of Peachtree Orthopedics in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Carreira specializes in hip arthroscopy as well as foot and ankle treatments, with an emphasis on minimally invasive arthroscopy techniques.

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