Presenting Labral Reconstruction Seminar at ISHA 2017 Conference

An arthroscopic surgeon with offices in and around Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Dominic Carreira will co-present a labral reconstruction seminar at the upcoming annual meeting of the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy. Sharing the podium with his colleague, Dr. Andy Wolff from Washington, D.C., Dr. Carreira will co-deliver a detailed seminar on labral reconstruction on Friday, October 13 in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Carreira and Dr. Wolff are colleagues through their work with the MASH Study Group.

Labral Reconstruction Seminar

During their talk, Drs. Carreira and Wolff will present on the indications for reconstruction, graft considerations, autograft versus allograft, and related techniques. These two medical surgeons will review and discuss the controversies surrounding labral reconstruction. They will also present a clear explanation for the rationale for reconstruction. Dr. Carreira and Dr. Wolff will walk through how labrum repair is the optimal treatment for most patients, while sharing details about which forms of labral injury which are not amenable to labrum repair.

International Society of Hip Arthroscopy 2017 Conference

The 9th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy will be held in Santiago, Chile. This important gathering of the world’s leading hip surgeons will be held on October 12-14.


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