John Long, 60-year old male

Dear Dr. Carreira:

I wanted to drop you a quick note of gratitude from a now 60-year-old non-famous person who likes to compete and play all manner of sports and outdoor adventures. In 2018, I was sidelined by a swollen, scarred, and calcified Achilles tendon 8 years in the making. I assumed I would no longer be able to run. Fortunately, a neighbor mentioned you had performed reconstructive surgery on his Achilles tendon. I figured "why not? Nothing to lose!"

At the time when I asked whether you felt I would be able to run and be competitive, post-surgery, you said you weren't sure since there was not a lot of people who had the surgery and then tried to compete, again.

You operated. You cleaned up my Achilles, grafted my big toe tendon to my Achilles to strengthen it and it was off to rehab.

The good news is your surgery worked. Since 2018 I have qualified for the Boston Marathon (several times), run the Boston Marathon, run the Mt. Mitchell Ultra/Black Mountain Trail marathon (3 times), earned the buckle at Leadville Trail MTB, run the Grand Traverse from Crested Butte to Aspen, the Cruel Jewel 50 in North Georgia and the Leadville Trail 100 Run (failed to earn the buckle, though). Thousands of miles and still loving the adventures.

I figured you would appreciate a follow-up letter letting you know that your good work on the operating table paid off in a huge way for me. Thank you.

John Long

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