K. Sparks, hip arthroscopy patient, age 47, surgery 12/2013

I am free from hip pain for the first time in many years! My pain began in my early 20s and was becoming progressively worse. Jogging, twisting, stepping wrong, or a brisk power walk would result in my hip painfully catching followed by days of pinching and stiffness. Exercising regularly was becoming increasingly difficult and sometimes daily activities were affected. My “bad” hip was beginning to govern everything. At 45 and frustrated, I sought the help of Dr. Carreira on the advice of a former patient and friend. Dr. Carreira thoroughly reviewed my long symptom history and test results and explained my options. He was very patient with answering my questions and addressing my concerns. He was careful to set a realistic expectation of surgery versus non-surgery. I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. A few appointments later and after much contemplation, I chose to have surgery and am very glad I did. I’m now one year post op and I feel great! His skill and expertise have freed me from years of pain and frustration. I am truly grateful. Thank you Dr. Carreira!
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