Pablo Garcia, Collegiate Athlete

To: Dr.Carreira This is basically a letter of thanks because Dr. Carreira took my special case.  He fixed another surgical problem previously in my foot, and I needed treatment for a fracture of the fifth metatarsal.  I failed nonoperative treatment and another doctor recommended surgery. I decided to re-contact Dr. Carreira.  Dr. Carreira recommended a surgery and I accepted my surgery, but I cancelled on the day of my surgery, for various reasons. I was not getting better and I was getting desperate, so I decided to write a heartfelt letter to Dr. Carreira, explaining why I cancelled and asking for another chance.  Dr. Carreira agreed to give me another chance! I want to tell you also that I am a competitive collegiate athlete.  If someone had to operate on me, I wanted it to be Dr. Carreira. He is also an athlete. He is dedicated and honest. Thank you very much for the second chance you gave me. Health is very sensitive.  I was in good hands with Dr Carreira and always feel very confident in him. Dr.Carreira:  I hope that God enlighten you always, to continue healing and doing good   Pablo Garcia, Men's Collegiate Soccer Player, Florida Memorial University
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