Hip Arthroscopy Videos

An arthroscopic surgeon specializing in the preservation of the hip, Dr. Carreira has created a selection of hip arthroscopy videos detailing the specific steps and procedures of that surgical treatment. A selection of these hip arthroscopy videos are listed below.

Hip Arthroscopy Procedure Overview

Arthroscopic Management of Hip Microinstability and Borderline Dysplasia

An online presentation via Zoom, Dr. Dominic Carreira presented to the 2020 Georgia Orthopedic Society Annual Meeting covering the Arthroscopic Management of Hip Microinstability and Borderline Dysplasia.

Placement of Suture Anchors During Hip Arthroscopy

In the short hip arthroscopy video below, Dr. Carreira demonstrates a view inside the hip joint of placement of a suture anchor. Following preparation of the rim of the acetabulum to a bleeding, bony surface, a cannula is then placed to allow passage of the necessary instruments for labral repair. A metal guide is placed first with spikes in it to help secure it to the bone during passage of the drill and anchor. A drill is passed to create space for the anchor. The anchor is then tapped into place using a hammer. The suture anchor is checked to confirm that it is securely in place. This check is done by pulling on the anchor. The sutures themselves are passed around the labral tissue.

Additional Hip Arthroscopy Videos

Dr. Dominic Carreira has posted additional videos on his YouTube channel.