Chairing International Panel on Optimizing Outcomes Collections

Dr. Carreira and the Optimizing Outcomes Collections Panel

Earlier this month, Dr. Dominic Carreira chaired a panel of international experts on the topic of “How I Optimize My Outcomes Collections”.  Hailing from a number of different countries, the panelists included Karen Briggs, MPH (USA), Dominic Carreira, MD (USA), Nicolas Bonin (France), Vikas Khanduja, MA (UK), and Olufemi Ayeni, MD (Canada), and Nicholas Mohtadi, MD (Canada).

Optimizing Outcomes Collections

Addressing questions on optimizing outcomes collections, these medical professionals on the panel emphasized three key take-away points:

  1. Regular interaction with and support of patients in the study increased the patients’ engagement with documenting their treatment outcomes.
  2. Data collection technologies have evolved significantly making data collection less cumbersome. Electronic reminder systems helped encourage patients to participate at the appropriate time frames for follow-up documentation.
  3. Lastly, communicating to patients how the data and studies impact patient care can be an important strategy to optimizing outcomes collections. Patients are often eager to engage with the outcomes collections when they know that their participation can positively influence the care of patients with hip pain treated with hip arthroscopy around the world – particularly through the publication of research papers and articles.

About Dr. Carreira

As an arthroscopic surgeon based in south Florida, Dominic Carreira maintains an active research and publication regimen. Both on his own, and through the MASH Study Group, Dr. Carreira regularly conducts detailed studies to advance the medical treatment of injuries and ailments affecting the hip, foot and ankle.

To learn more about Dr. Carreira’s research, or to request consideration for involvement with his research (as a patient), please contact Dr. Carreira’s office.

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