D. Curry, total hip replacement patient with internal snap (psoas snap)

My prayers and thanks for this article go to – Doctor Dominic Carreira – one who cares, listens and is truly blessed. My pain is gone – REALLY GONE! Thank you, Doctor Dominic Carreira! People who suffer from the kind of debilitating pain that afflicted me from September 1, 2012, until December 18, 2013, absolutely must know of this relatively new procedure! I had hip replacement surgery September 1, 2012; there was a horrible different kind of pain following that surgery. Extreme, burning pain was constant – in the groin area, in the inner thigh, down my leg even into the shin, agonizing pain! The surgeon who performed that surgery and who had no explanation for all my suffering “released” me, having given me no reason and offering no suggestions of further treatment. A friend had referred me to another doctor, a Doctor William V. Burke, Orthopedic Surgeon. He had agreed to re-do the hip, but before he did this he wanted me to see his Associate, Doctor Dominic Carreira, Orthopedic Surgeon of Foot and Ankle, Hip Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Specialist. At this point, I was ready to try anything to rid myself of the constant pain. I thank the Good Lord that I did. Dr. Carreira would do the surgery but said that if it was not the remedy, then Doctor Burke would re-do the hip replacement surgery. I met with Doctor Dominic Carreira; he explained the procedure that he thought would eliminate the pain. It would be an arthroscopic surgery, as an outpatient with no hospital stay. The problem, he thought, was with a certain tendon which he could repair with this surgery. HE DID! On December 18, 2013, one year, three months and seventeen days of extreme pain came to an end. The surgery was a complete success! No more pain, no more sleepless nights, no more pain killing medication! I was very careful to follow Doctor Carreira’s directions exactly for the first three weeks after surgery, then “rehab” followed. The pain had gone away immediately following the surgery to repair a tendon that was probably injured during the first hip surgery. I am very thankful to Jesus and to Doctor Carreira – both are “Great Physicians”! There’s a verse in the Bible that says, “People perish from the lack of knowledge.” I just had to tell the good news and to spread the knowledge of Doctor Carreira’s “Powerful Medicine”! MY PAIN IS GONE!
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