A Grateful Patient and Fellow Physician

The first time I met Dr. Carreira I was quite groggy and laying in a hospital bed. This was quite strange for me as my usual role was not as a patient but as the doctor having worked as an emergency room physician for about 12 years prior to my illness. I suffered septic shock from pneumonia and recovered almost completely except for gangrene of my feet. This was difficult to accept at first but Dr. Carreira was very kind and comforting, spending much time with not only me but my entire family. He believed I would be walking in no time with prosthetics if I agreed to let him help me. As a patient, I was scared but Dr. Carreira put me at ease. As a physician, I immediately realized his approach was advanced and he offered a cutting edge approach to my problem unlike the other doctors I had seen up to that point. Dr. Carreira performed a bilateral below ERTL knee amputation perfect for the fitting of state of the art prosthetics. He believed I would have a good outcome and convinced me of the same. Dr. Carreira’s ancillary staff was wonderful and always available for any questions or problems I had. It has been less than a year since I met him and I am walking and able to play with my two young sons. My life has been given back to me and I know that without Dominic none of this would have been possible. My progress has exceeded anything I could have hoped for while I was laying in my hospital bed. Thank you Dr. Carreira. I would recommend you to anyone who needs orthopedic surgery and know that you will help others like me get their lives back.
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