Joe Farrell, a 61-year old male with an ankle fracture and dislocation

I am an fairly active guy whose job requires me to travel around the world a number of times a year to our job sites and for business meetings. So I knew I was in for an immediate life style change. It only slowed me down for a few months. Months later, I was skydiving at 15,000 feet in New Zealand with my wife and daughter while we were visiting one of our ship salvage projects. The best part about Dr. Carreira is that he takes his time with a patient so that they fully understand the situation and options and equally important is that he has a genuine interest in his patients. On top of this, my experience was that Dr. Carreira makes himself always reachable. My advice is to not get hurt in the first place but if you need an orthopedic doctor, then Dr. Dominic Carreira is your man.
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