Tom C., Age 36

My name is Tom and I am a patient of Dr. Dominic Carreria. I suffered from torn labrums and cam impingements on both hips. The pain I was experiencing was different on each leg. My right leg was a constant burning sensation and my left leg was an intermittent sharp pain depending upon how I moved my leg. I'm in medical device sales, so I already knew Dr. Carreira and have seen him operate on numerous occasions. In about March of 2015, he sent my for x-rays, MRI and an arthrogram. Not only did I have torn labrums and cam impingements, but I also had defects on both hip sockets. Due to the size of the defects, Dr. Carreira advised me that he wouldn't be able to repair the defects and at some point I would likely need total hip replacement. The first thing that came to my mind was “why not just get a total hip and be done?” He did advise me to get a second opinion, but due to my age at the time (36), Dr. Carreira shared that he doubted any total-joint surgeon would replace my hip. With that, I showed my x-rays and so forth to a very good total hip surgeon that I know. He agreed with Dr. Carreira and thought it wasn't a good idea to have total hip replacement at this time and he also agreed that I will need them at a future date. So in June 2015 we decided to do my right hip. The surgery took about an hour and I went home the same day. I had moderate swelling but the pain wasn't bad. I was off my leg for two weeks and then started physical therapy after one week. It took about three months for my leg to be 100% and on October 2nd 2015 we did my left hip. I had almost no swelling and zero pain this time around. Post op care was the same as my right hip. By the end of January 2016, I was back out on the golf course. The surgeries didn't make my game any worse but they didn't make it any better either. It is now March 2017 and my hips still feel great. If you are a canidate for this procedure and you ask around, I can guarantee that Dr. Carreira will be recommended.
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