W. Zehner, head golf professional

Two years ago, Dr. Dominic Carreira performed arthroscopic hip surgery on my left (lead hip) to address a torn labrum, femoral acetabular impingement, synovitis and a ligamentum teres tear. At the same time he found a posterior contra coup cartilage injury which he cleaned up but did not do a microfracture on because I did not want to be on crutches at least 6 weeks. My hip improved greatly after this surgery, but I still had posterior pain. A year later, Dr. Carreira, a fantastic surgeon in South Florida, performed a second surgery in which he removed additional overcoverage of the acetabulum and the overlying damaged articular cartilage and reattached the labrum at the back of the hip, thereby completing a near 360 degree repair of the labrum between the two surgeries. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I went over twelve years complaining about increasing hip pain and finally, after many “normal” x-rays and a normal mri, I found Dr. Carreira through my family doctor and my good friend Morgan Poncy. Today, my hip feels perfect! For years, I could not even come up from a squatting position. My glutes and side stabilizers were shot, and I could not post up on my lead leg at all in my golf swing. I had developed an embarrassing slide and late buckle in my follow through that I could not fix no matter how hard I tried. It’s amazing that my left knee and ankle held up over the years. Anyway, I owe a lot to all of you guys at TPI and especially to my surgeon, Dominic Carreira, who, in my opinion, took a big chance on a 47 year old broken down golfer. I feel great and am looking forward to bombing my low body over the next two years as I prepare to move up a set of tees in our South Florida Section events! It does suck getting old, but I will never stop trying to get better. More importantly, I really feel like my personal struggles have helped me understand what my clients are going through. I know how hard it can be to improve and how important it is to have the right people supporting you through the journey. Dr. Carreira provided one of the best experiences I have ever had with a doctor. Throughout my operations and the recovery process for each, Dr. Carreira kept me informed of everything I could expect and put me at ease with each step. He always made sure to answer any questions and genuinely seemed to care about my recovery. Thanks to Dr. Carreira, I feel better than I have in years. The staff in Dr. Carreira’s office is also fantastic. They always did their best to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. I honestly almost wish that I could start feeling a little pain so I’d have an excuse to see them all again.
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