Dr. Carreira Now Sharing His Medical Opinions on ESPN Radio

Dr. Dominic Carreira on ESPN RadioHey sports fans! Dominic Carreira is excited to announce that is now a regular contributor to the sports program on ESPN Radio 106.3FM in South Florida. Every Sunday morning, Dr. Carreira calls into Chris Kokell’s and Nolan Murphy’s NFL Sunday radio show to discuss the latest injuries to professional football players in the NFL. In each program, Dr. Carreira shares his knowledge about football players from around the league who have been injured in the last week or so. Dr. Carreira focuses the conversation around his speciality: their hip, foot, and ankle injuries.

ESPN Radio: Talking Hip, Foot and Ankle Injuries

As an arthroscopic surgeon specializing in preservation of and injuries to the hip, foot and ankle, Dr. Carreira has more than a decade of treating professional, semi-professional, Division One college and Olympic athletes. When calling into the ESPN Radio program, Dominic typically talks about individual athletes’ injuries, the expected timeframe that those athletes will return to training and playing, and what their expected functionality level will be when returning to play.

Board Certified and Fellowship Trained

During the course of his professional education, Dr. Carreira undertook advanced and extended medical studies through three prestigious fellowship programs. He undertook a Foot and Ankle Fellowship with Dr. Mark Myerson and Dr. Clifford Jeng at the Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction, in Baltimore, Maryland. Following that, he served a Foot and Ankle and Arthroscopic Fellowship with Dr. Pierce Scranton in Seattle. Lastly, he held a Sports Medicine Fellowship with the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Colorado, including hip arthroscopy training with Marc Philippon, M.D.

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Helping Athletes Return to Health

As a physician, Dr. Carreira specializes in foot and ankle, young adult and adolescent hip preservation, and sports medicine. If you are an athlete of any age and wish to consult with Dominic Carreira about a sports injury to your hip, foot or ankle, you can request an appointment on our website: Make appointment with Dr. Carreira

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