Arthroscopic Arthrodesis: Presenting Medical Updates

Las month, Dr. Dominic Carreira presented two medical updates on arthroscopic techniques for the ankle and foot to a group of leading surgeons. He covered, among other techniques, arthroscopic arthrodesis. The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Alumni Reunion International Meeting was held in Beaver Creek, Colorado, from February 9 – 11, 2017. This prestigious gathering sees leading foot and ankle surgeons from all over the world come together to exchange knowledge, experience and best practices in surgically treating the foot and ankle.

Arthroscopic Arthrodesis (Fusion)

Dr. Carreira presented a detailed update on arthroscopic arthrodesis (fusion). He included an in-depth discussion of the advantages of arthroscopy and controversies around whether fusion or total ankle replacement is a better medical option. In support of his arguments, Dr. Carreira shared advanced technique tips and live surgical videos so as to help his colleagues and conference participants to more fully understand the technical aspects of the procedure.

During the course of his talk, Dominic noted that considerably more evidence relating to subtalar arthroscopy and its complications has been collected over the the last five years. Moreover, he explained that low complication rates have been reported in one analyses of multiple studies as well as a single case series of patients.

Dr. Carreira also offered examples of treatment of trigonal process, os trigonum, posterior impingement, flexor hallucis longus tendonopathy, and sinus tarsi syndrome. Via a video feed, Dr. Carreira walked through a detailed technical presentation of the posterior approach. Based on his research, Dr. Carreira highlighted that pain in the back of the ankle and deep in the back of the foot are the common locations for pain noted with these diagnoses.

Dr. Carreira’s Research

As a medical professional, Dr. Carreira maintains a very active and rigorous research program. Both individually and with his colleagues at the MASH Study Group and the MASTAF Study Group, Dominic is committed to improving medical knowledge and practice. To learn more about Dr. Carreira’s studies, please visit the Research section of this website.

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