Psoas Release After Hip Replacement

A leading arthroscopic surgeon, Dr. Carreira has produced a short video detailing a surgical procedure involving the psoas release after a hip replacement. He has shared this video online for the education and benefit of his patients.

Arthsroscopy for Psoas Release

In this video, a patient with a painful tendon in the front of the hip joint is treated with an all-arthroscopic psoas tendon release. Patients who have pain after hip replacement in the front of the hip joint may benefit from this type of procedure, particularly if the patient has received relief with an injection around the tendon.

The voiceover in the above video was provided by Dr. Carreira. Additional hip, foot and ankle arthroscopy educational videos are available are on Dr. Carreira’s YouTube channel.

Dr. Carreira has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas.

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