A. Lewis, patient treated without surgery

I was one of your patients earlier this year, 2015, seeking your treatment for SIJD, flat feet, and bunions. I saw you about three times for these conditions, the latter of which focused on my feet. I was a very strong-minded patient, fresh out of college, and eager to get healed. Most of all, I thought I knew everything about how orthopedic medicine works, even from a patient’s standpoint. Before seeing you, I had already devised solutions in my head as to how my treatments ought to go, and I was determined to see them through…boy was I wrong! In the moment, I could not understand why you would not draw the same conclusions I did, and I was continually frustrated because of it. I left your office more than once feeling dissatisfied, misunderstood, and disappointed. However, I let my own ambition hinder the thorough care you were trying to provide to me. I was adamant about what I thought I needed. Fresh out of college, I thought I knew it all. I am writing to tell you…Thank You! Thank you for standing your ground and holding true to what you believed to be the safest, most self-preserving, and patient medical approach to my ailments. You truly kept the best interest of me, the patient, at heart. You maintained your integrity as a medical provider, and your decisions on my feet were sound. I highly respect you for that. I also acknowledge and revere your many years of medical training, practice, and expertise, and I apologize for being so uncooperative and stubborn as a patient at the time. I did not get the Hyprocure surgery. Dr. Carreira, you set a great example of how someone with character should lead in the medical profession. As I pursue a career in orthopedic medicine, I will always remember you as a provider who is not intimidated by patients, and is not afraid to make rightful calls based on sound judgement. I hope to do the same as a medical professional one day too. Further, if the opportunity arises, I would love to work with you through shadowing, volunteering, an entry-level position, or any other facet that you see fit. Along with many others like Dr. Marcia Medina, I look up to you. My experience with you has taught me to be a receptive patient, and to be prepared as a provider. Also, thank you for referring me to Dr. Medina. She did an outstanding job on my back. I am now pain-free! She continually had great things to say about you, and now I understand why. I would imagine that you don’t get many hind-sight messages like this one. But as I see 20-20, I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Carreira, for being a phenomenal medical provider!
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