Stay Alive and Fit with Liz Goodman

Earlier this month, Dr. Carreira was interviewed by noted radio host Liz Goodman on her program Stay Alive and Fit. This exciting program covers current trends and research in the medical field, as Liz Goodman interviews leading medical professionals about their individual area of specialty and focus.

Liz Goodman’s Interview with Dominic Carreira, MD

Over the course of a 35-minute interview, Dr. Carreira shared insight from his years of experience as an arthroscopic surgeon focused on sports medicine and treating injuries and ailments to the hip, foot and ankle.

Dr. Carreira also answered a number of questions posed by callers to the Stay Alive and Fit show. During the course of his conversation with Liz Goodman, Dr. Carreira emphasized the medical of value of RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation – for treating common sports injuries.

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