Productive Year of Innovative, Key Research

It has been a productive year for the Carreira Research Team as we work to increase the research output of the MASH ( and MASTAF ( Study Groups.

Dr. Carreira’s Own Research and Presentations

Dr. Dominic Carreira presented four academic projects, including the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) annual meeting, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Lab and Annual Meeting, and the Georgia Orthopedic Society (GOS) annual meeting.

Posters and Articles from Multi-Center Study Groups

The MASH and MASTAF Study Groups collectively had 14 posters presented at these meetings including the ISHA/OSET Annual Summit. We have also published three articles on the topics of labral degeneration in hip arthroscopy, smoking cessation strategies and weight loss in orthopedics, alongside an educational publication on the arthroscopy Brostrom technique in the Orthopedic Video Theater.

Labral Degeneration Predicts Inferior Mid-Term Outcomes in Hip Labral Repair: A Multicenter Comparative Analysis

MASH Study Group article published in 2022

The labral degeneration publication is probably the most important work from the MASH Study Group, given that it is the first study to compare outcomes in labral tears with degenerated versus non degenerated tissue.  This serves as an important base of work in discussing outcomes with patients as well as options of treatment including debridement versus repair versus reconstruction.

Learn more about the MASH Study Group.

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